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Canadian Neteller Casino Sites

NetellerWhen you are seeking out ways for you to not only be able to fund an online casino account or one of the new mobile casino accounts, you will be looking for a very reliable and safe and secure way of doing just that.

We know that many online casino game players love being able to manage and keep all of their gambling funds in one easy to manage and access online account and this is where the service of Neteller may appeal to you if you are one of those players.

Neteller offers a web wallet on which you can use that account to ship funds into any Canadian online casino account you wish to play at and also have all of your winnings sent back to your Neteller account.

You will find the fees and charges that you will be expected to pay by using the Neteller web wallets are very low indeed and as such keep on reading for there may be a good chance that you will find Neteller a perfect and very cost effective was to find your online casino accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neteller is very quick to sign up to and you can open an account in a matter of minutes, however as there are likely to be lots of questions that you are seeking the answers to then below you will find a range of the most commonly asked questions regarding using Neteller and the answers to those questions will of course be found below too!

  1. Which Microgaming Casinos accept Neteller?

    Neteller is accepted by many of our top rated online and mobile casino sites, however if you are looking for a site at which to play that will give you some very large bonuses when you deposit and play using Neteller then one casino site worthy of your custom is the Spin Palace Casino site, checkout our review for details of their current sign up and ongoing bonus offers.

  2. Where can I find out more information on Neteller?

    If you wish to find out more information on Neteller and the range of different services they can offer you either as an online casino game player or as a mobile casino game play then you simply need to visit the Neteller Website.

    The Neteller website is of course packed full of information and step by step guides and you will also find the details on how to contact the twenty four hours a day Neteller customer support team who are always on hand to answer any questions you may have in regards to using their services.

  3. Can I deposit using Neteller at RTG Casinos?

    If you are wishing to play a very large and varied range of casino games but you wish to play them at an online casino that is powered by the Real Time Gaming software platform and use Neteller to deposit then one of the very best casino sites you can play at is the fully licensed and regulated ClassyCoin Casino, Checkout our review of their casino site for details of a very large and generous sign up bonus offer!

  4. Do any Playtech Casinos accept Neteller?

    Europa Casino is one of several casino sites that are going to allow you to fund your casino account with them using Neteller, and in fact if you do as a first time depositing player you are going to be able to claim a very large bonus once you deposit has been verified. See their website for details of just how large that bonus is going to be, we just know you are going to be very impressed when you do just that so check it out and claim it!

  5. Am I old enough to open a Neteller account?

    To be able to open a Neteller account you will have to be over the age of 18, however it is going to be the rules that are in place at the casino sites you are intending to play at that will ultimately determine whether you are old enough to gamble at those sites.

    As some areas of Canada have a minimum legal age to gamble of 19 then you really should check the rules in place to ensure you are old enough to place bets and wagers on any casino games you wish to play at each site you come across online.

  6. Can I use Neteller in different currencies?

    You should always set your casino accounts using Canadian Dollars, for many online and mobile casinos will give you an option in regards to the currency you can use as the base one on your account.

    By setting your account to CAD then you are never going to have to pay any currency exchange rate fees when depositing or withdrawing your winnings, and those exchange rate fees can often make a huge dint in the value of large winning cash outs, and will also over time eat away at your deposited funds too!

  7. What is Neteller account verification?

    If you use Neteller to deposit into an online casino account you will have to get your account verified to be able to increase the spending limits on that account. The web wallet provider will contact you and ask for copies of some selected indentifcaction documents to be sent in to them and once they receive them they will be able to verify your account and they will then increase the limits on your account instantly.

  8. Will I get bonuses depositing by Neteller?

    All Canadian Neteller users are going to be offered lots of different types of bonuses, and those bonuses which offer you the very best value are deposit match bonuses. You will find our listed Canadian casino sites offer some very high valued deposit match bonuses to their new and existing players.

    However, you are also going to find lots of other types of casino bonuses available too and some to look out for are no deposit bonuses and casinos offering re-load bonuses too as they also offer you lots of playing value when you make use of those types of bonuses.