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BaccaratYou will be able to learn how to play the popular casino card game of baccarat in a matter of seconds, and you will find this software driven and number generator controlled version of the game is offered at every single one of our featured Canadian online casino sites, so finding somewhere to play it will be easy too!

The game is one on which two hands are going to be dealt out in front of you and you have to guess which hand will be the one which has the highest value without going over nine in total. The Aces count as one and the ten and ten valued cards count as zero with the other cards having their own face values.

If any hand has a total value over 9 then the last digit is removed to work out the score of that hand so for example a hand worth 14 is classed as a four. You can bet on the bakers hands to win and if it does you are paid out at even money less a 5% house commission the players and is another betting option and that and pays out at even money but with no house commission to pay.

You can also bet on whether both hands will finish the game with the same value and that bet is called the tied hand bet on which the odds tend to vary from casino to casino in regards to its winning payout.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get a slightly better understanding of how this game plays and pays below are all of the different frequently asked questions and their answers that first time players are always asking!

  1. When Can I Play Baccarat games?

    Unlike some of the live dealer casino games which may only be in operation at certain hours of the day or night you are going to be able to play software driven Baccarat casino games 24 hours day 7 days a week, and as such no matter when you wish to play then your next gaming session will be just a couple of clicks of your mouse away!

    You will be able to play them at your own pace too and if you would prefer a much laid back gaming session then you will be able to use the auto play setting!

  2. What baccarat bonuses can I claim?

    Baccarat game players are going to be offered lots of different types of bonuses, and those bonuses which offer you the very best value are deposit match bonuses. You will find our listed Canadian casino sites offer some very high valued deposit match bonuses to their new and existing players.

    However, you are also going to find lots of other types of casino bonuses available too and some to look out for are no deposit bonuses and casinos offering re-load bonuses too as they also offer you lots of playing value when you make use of those types of bonuses.

  3. Is a disconnect protection offered?

    If you get disconnect from the casino site for whatever reasons when playing baccarat casino games the result of the last game you as playing when you was disconnected will be displayed on the gaming logs, and winnings will of course have been credited to your account balance so you will not lose out if you do get disconnected?

  4. What baccarat game has the lowest house edge?

    The baccarat games with a low house commission are the best baccarat games you can play for that game will offer players the very lowest house edge, however you will have to learn how to play that game optimally to benefit from the very best house edge possible.

    If you wish to play this game then it may beneficial for you to play it via a free play version before playing it for real money as by doing so you will be able to master how to play it optimally before putting any of your own money at risk!

  5. Will I have to deposit large amounts to play Baccarat?

    If you wish to play Baccarat games online you will find that the casino site that you are going to be playing at will have a minimum deposit limit in place when you choose to use their banking interface.

    With that in mind you should take a look at some of our Canadian player friendly casino websites and review the information found on their banking page of their website as that will give you details of all of their depositing options and the minimum and maximum deposit limits.

  6. Can I Play Baccarat games at Microgaming powered casino sites?

    Baccarat is one of many casino games which you are going to be able to play over at the Royal Vegas Casino site, and if you are not already a player there and you do wish to play that game then take a look over their website or our review of that top rated and licensed casino site for they are offering all new players some huge welcome deposit match bonuses currently.

  7. Do Real Time Gaming Casinos have Baccarat games available?

    Baccarat games are not in short supply at any of the top rated casino sites that we have reviewed on our website, however if you enjoy playing at Real Time Gaming powered casino sites thanks to the very large bonuses that those sites always have on offer, then it will pay dividends for you to sign up and start to play at the Loco Panda Casino so do check them out!

  8. Can I Play Baccarat games at Playtech powered casino sites?

    Playing Baccarat games at Europa Casino is going to be easy to do and with a whole host of different staking options available you are always going to be able to find a stake level that suits your bankroll and your gaming budget. You can also sample this game at no cost as they have a free play version of the game available too!