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BlackjackYou will be faced with having to beat the dealers hand with the hand you have been dealt out when you choose to play blackjack online. The game of blackjack is fairly straight forward to understand and you will find it is available to play at every single one of our listed and approved Canadian online casino sites.

When playing online blackjack you have to first decide how much you wish to gamble and then click your chips onto the betting box located in front of you on the game screen and then you need to click on the deal button.

You will then be dealt two face up cards and the dealer will deal to himself a face up card, you then have to decide whether to stand your hand, hit your hand, or when offered split or double down your hand to give you a much stinger valued hand or hands.

The aim of the game is for you to get a stronger and higher valued hand than the dealer without going over a total value of 21 with all of your cards. A standard hand winning payout is paid out at odds of even money and any blackjack hand dealt out to the player that in unmatched by the dealer is paid out at odds of 3 to 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get a better understanding of what is involved in playing blackjack online if you have never played it in such a playing environment before, below you will find a range of frequently asked questions and the related answers to those questions.

  1. Can I play new blackjack casino games?

    The reason why we have chosen to list the casino sites fully reviewed upon this website is that each of them are powered by one of the major software companies, and as such if you are the type of player who always wants to play the newest casino games then you will find plenty of brand new and never seen before casino games are always going to be available at those sites.

  2. What blackjack game has the lowest house edge?

    Single hand blackjack is one of the best blackjack games you can play for that game will offer players the very lowest house edge, however you will have to learn how to play that game optimally to benefit from the very best house edge possible.

    If you wish to play this game then it may beneficial for you to play it via a free play version before playing it for real money as by doing so you will be able to master how to play it optimally before putting any of your own money at risk!

  3. Can I Play Blackjack games at Microgaming powered casino sites?

    Blackjack is one of many casino games which you are going to be able to play over at the Royal Vegas Casino site, and if you are not already a player there and you do wish to play that game then take a look over their website or our review of that top rated and licensed casino site for they are offering all new players some huge welcome deposit match bonuses currently.

  4. Do Real Time Gaming Casinos have Blackjack games available?

    Blackjack games are not in short supply at any of the top rated casino sites that we have reviewed on our website, however if you enjoy playing at Real Time Gaming powered casino sites thanks to the very large bonuses that those sites always have on offer, then it will pay dividends for you to sign up and start to play at the Ruby Royal Casino so do check them out!

  5. Can I Play Blackjack games at Playtech powered casino sites?

    Playing Blackjack games at Europa Casino is going to be easy to do and with a whole host of different staking options available you are always going to be able to find a stake level that suits your bankroll and your gaming budget. You can also sample this game at no cost as they have a free play version of the game available too!

  6. Can anyone play real money blackjack online?

    To be able to open an online or mobile casino site account on which you can play real money blackjack you will have to be over the age of 18, however it is going to be the rules that are in place at the casino sites you are intending to play at that will ultimately determine whether you are old enough to gamble at those sites.

    As some areas of Canada have a minimum legal age to gamble of 19 then you really should check the rules in place to ensure you are old enough to place bets and wagers on any casino games you wish to play at each site you come across online.

  7. How much to I have to wager per hand?

    The minimum stake that you will be able to play online blackjack games for will be determined by just which casino site you are playing at. The standard minimum stake is 1.00 however some casino sites will have different minimum and also maximum stake limits in place on their games.

    You will however find plenty of adjustable stake options are available and as such you will never be forced to play any game you do enjoy playing online or at a mobile casino site for stake levels you find too high or expensive.

  8. When do mobile blackjack tables open for business?

    Unlike some of the live dealer casino games which may only be in operation at certain hours of the day or night you are going to be able to play mobile blackjack casino games 24 hours day 7 days a week, and as such no matter when you wish to play then your next gaming session will be just a couple of taps of your mobile devices screen away, so you can play them at any time you choose!