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A Guide To Canadian Bingo Clubs and Halls

bingo-clubsYou really are going to be impressed with the land based bingo halls and bingo clubs that you are going to be able to visit if you live or are visiting Canada. In the last few years especially the type of bingo playing experience you can have at such a venue has improved significantly.

The reasons why land based bingo clubs and bingo halls have started to go the extra mile is that they face some very stiff competition with online bingo sites, and as such you will find a range of additional benefits will be coming your way if you choose to play at such a venue.

You will find the bingo playing session can vary depending on just which bingo club or bingo halls you choose to visit, and the best place to find out when the session are in play will be via the respective website of each of your local bingo clubs.

You will of course be able to eat and drink at bingo clubs in Canada and many of them have started to offer meal deals and as such you can spend a full day playing bingo and will never go hungry or thirsty when doing so!

The cost of the bingo tickets available at Canadian bingo clubs is also worth noting, for you can buy a full book of bingo tickets for just a few Dollars, however it will of course be dependent on just which bingo session you have chosen to take play in regards to the cost of each bingo ticket you do decide to purchase.

The cash prizes available are also impressive and you will of course find a lot of different bingo game son offer. Those bingo games include 90 ball bingo games and when playing those particular bingo games you will find that there are three cash prizes available on each game played.

Some fast playing bingo games variants are also available and those include both the 75 ball bingo games and the much quicker playing 80 ball bingo games. If you are planning on visiting a land based bingo club or hall in Canada so do consider taking friends or family members as those venues are a great place to socialize even if you do end up going on your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you be planning a trip to Canada or simply want to gain a much deeper understanding regards playing bingo in that part of the world, we have put together a questions and answers guide below which is going to enlighten you as to the answers to several frequently asked questions relating to playing bingo in Canada.

  1. Which bingo games have the most cash prizes?

    It will be the game of 90 ball bingo that you will need to track down and play if you want to be playing a bingo game which offers lots of different sized cash payouts.

    The 90 ball bingo games have three different prizes on offer, a one line prize, then the game plays for a two line cash prize and the final game you will play will be the jackpots game which is played for a full house!

  2. Am I old enough to visit a bingo hall in Canada?

    If you wish to gamble at a land based venue in Canada then you will find it is which province you are in that will determine whether you are old enough to legally do so. The minimum age in many Canadian provinces is 18, however there are some provinces in which the legal minimum age to gamble is 19.

    Playing at an online gambling site will see you subject to the rules in place at each site you play at and as such check the website of the gambling site for details of the minimum legal age that you have to be to gamble at those sites.

  3. Which Casino sites have Bingo games available?

    If you want to play bingo themed and structured casino games online then we have several casino sites to introduce you to, however one of the best rated ones that always welcomes all Canada based players is the Grand Parker Casino site and they have a very wide range of different bingo casino games you can play.

    Grand Parker Casino has a mobile gaming platform and you can of course play their games for free or for real money via a downloadable or instant play gaming platform. Plus all new players will be able to claim a huge sign up bonus as a first time players!


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