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A Quick Guide To Playing On Land based Canadian Casinos

Casino CanadaYou are going to find that there are many land based casinos located throughout Canada, each of those that are available to you are fully licensed to operate in the Province that they are located in. You will of course need to be at least the minimum game to visit such a venue and when visiting any casino venue you will of course come across plenty of casino games to play.

The most popular gaming machines are both slot machines and video poker machines, however as a player you should always be actively seeking out the games which offer you the very highest payout percentages, doing so can be something of an uphill stake however a snot many Canada based casinos will let you know the exact payout percentages that their gaming machines have been set to return!

You will also find that you can access and play lots of table games when visiting any land based casino in Canada, and the most played card games are Blackjack with the most popular table games being both Craps and Roulette.

If you do decide to play Roulette then you should always avoid playing the American Roulette game variant on which there are two zeros, and you should instead be looking to play the single zero Roulette tables.

The single zero Roulette games have a much lower house edges than the double zero American Roulette game variants! The best Blackjack game so play will be those games which have been designed with the lowest house edge, but for you to be able to achieve the lowest possible house edge that will see you having to play those games optimally and put into play perfect playing strategy on each hand you have been dealt out!

You will also find several progressive games are readily available in most if not all land based casino venues in Canada. If you are interested in playing those types of real money casino games then always make sure you fully understand any staking requirements that have to be put into live play to activate the jackpot element of the game.

You should have plenty of fun and enjoyment when visiting a land based casino venue in Canada and do not forget most of them having entertainment laid on and also food and drink will be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of games both table and gaming machines that you are going to be able to play when visiting a land based casino in Canada, and should you be planning, in the near future, a trip to such a venue then below are some questions and the related answers you may be interested in learning about.

  1. When do land based casinos open for the day?

    It will be solely dependent on just which land based casino in Canada you intend to visit in regard to when that casino will be open. The best place to find out this information is to visit and view the website of the casino you wish to visit or look up their phone number and give them a bell, however the opening hours will be varied depending which venue you visit!

  2. Which casino offers land based structured casino games?

    If you want to play land based themed and structured casino games online then we have several casino sites to introduce you to, however one of the best rated ones that always welcomes all Canada based players is the Classy Coin Casino site and they have a very wide range of different land based designed casino games you can play.

    Classy Coin Casino has a mobile gaming platform and you can of course play their games for free or for real money via a downloadable or instant play gaming platform. Plus all new players will be able to claim a huge sign up bonus as a first time players!

  3. What is the minimum age for entry into a land based casino?

    If you wish to gamble at a land based venue in Canada then you will find it is which province you are in that will determine whether you are old enough to legally do so. The minimum age in many Canadian provinces is 18, however there are some provinces in which the legal minimum age to gamble is 19.

    Playing at an online gambling site will see you subject to the rules in place at each site you play at and as such check the website of the gambling site for details of the minimum legal age that you have to be to gamble at those sites.


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