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Racecourses in Canada Online FAQ

Horse RacingIf you are a fan of horse racing and you live or you are planning on having a trip to Canada then there will be a good chance that no matter what part of Canada you will be visiting there will be a race track nearby to where you have chosen to stay.

Horse racing is a big business in Canada and there will always be a race meeting somewhere in Canada on most days of the week. In fact there can be no better way of spending an afternoon that visiting a race course in Canada as they are very family friendly venues so you could make a day out of it with your family members.

You will find on course betting facilitates are available and as such if you do fancy placing a bet you will always be able to do just that. The types of bets and wagers you can place are of course large and varied, however many bettors prefer placing a win type bet on horse races or a place type of bet in the hope that their chosen horse gets placed in one of the places attached to each horse race!

Every single horse racing track in Canada will have their own website, and as such if you are interested in visiting such a venue than you are best advised to checkout their website as by doing so you will get a full overview of the day the meetings are being held and you will also find out what other facilities are available.

The actual entry fee that you will have to pay to visit a race track in Canada will vary depending on just which one you choose to visit and the day of the week that race meeting is being held, however the entry fees are quite modest so you will not have to dig very deep into your allocated gambling bankroll to visit such a venue!

Below is a range of additional snippets of information and fact and figures that may be of interest to you if you do fancy visiting a race track or racecourse in Canada, so please keep on reading to find out more. You really will have a great day out no matter at which track you do end up visiting in Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are going to be a few questions that you may have in regards to you visiting a horse racing track should you be planning a visit to such a place in Canada, and below is a small selection of the most commonly asked questions by people who do visit such a venue for the very first time.

  1. How often does a favourite win a horse race?

    If you are planning on visiting a racetrack in Canada then you may be wondering just how often the favourite in each race actually then goes on to win that race! On average you will find around 30% of the favourites win their races, so if you are a favourite backer then you should, over the long time get plenty of favourites winning their respective races!

  2. How old do I have to be to place a bet on a horse race?

    If you wish to gamble at a land based venue in Canada then you will find it is which province you are in that will determine whether you are old enough to legally do so. The minimum age in many Canadian provinces is 18, however there are some provinces in which the legal minimum age to gamble is 19.

    Playing at an online gambling site will see you subject to the rules in place at each site you play at and as such check the website of the gambling site for details of the minimum legal age that you have to be to gamble at those sites.

  3. Which casino sites have horse racing themed games?

    If you want to play horse racing themed casino games online then we have several casino sites to introduce you to, however one of the best rated ones that always welcomes all Canada based players is the Royal Vegas Casino site and they have a very wide range of different horse racing themed casino games you can play.

    Royal Vegas Casino has a mobile gaming platform and you can of course play their games for free or for real money via a downloadable or instant play gaming platform. Plus all new players will be able to claim a huge sign up bonus as a first time players!


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